LJ Booth the road that leads me home

LJ Booth has a new CD that subtly shifts my heart to remembering that life is deep and sweet. Yeah, the harmonies are perfect and the songs are well written and all that, but what’s really extraordinary is the overall effect this CD has on my dreams and my outlook. The interesting characters in these songs take you to real places and show you things you won’t forget. LJ has polished these gems of experience so that they speak for themselves.

Oh sorry, did I mention that the playing is great and the arrangements are right? I love all that, but what I really love is not just the fact that this music moves me. What I love is WHERE it moves me to, because it’s hard to find passage to the place this music comes from. It’s a curving wooded driveway leading up to a hand crafted home built by a man with a young sense of wonder in his time tested heart. The CD is called THE ROAD THAT LEADS ME HOME, and it does just that. David Wilcox


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