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the road that leads me home

THE ROAD THAT LEADS ME HOME | download lyrics |
2009 Firefly Jar Music
LJ’s new, live release, featuring eleven new songs...and a live version of Box Elder. It also features some of the finest players from behind the Cheddar Curtain. Recorded at several central Wisconsin venues...and in LJ’s home, by Ultimate Audio’s Tom Blain.

Expect the unexpected. The opening song is a bluegrass/gospel combo platter, with the Strumstick as the driving force. It also features a song about LJ’s new guitar, a Petros TUNNEL 13.

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the ox that pulls the cart cd

THE OX THAT PULLS THE CART | download lyrics |
2002 Firefly Jar Music
“LJ Booth is as literate as they come. As a lyricist, he has the light touch of Lyle Lovett, the unabashed honesty of Leonard Cohen and the sprawling, joyous life of Walt Whitman. The plainness of his imagery and the economy of his phrasing is only made more effective by his glittering guitar parts and the simple grace of his songs." Performing Songwriter

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big hourglass cd

BIG HOURGLASS | download lyrics |
1993 Firefly Jar Music
“This gifted singer-songwriter skillfully connects the dots between his own past, present and future with succinct, often powerful lyrics, appealing melodies, and agile fingerpicking...his keen fascination with life’s journey draws listeners closer to the memories and revelations that make it worth traveling.” Acoustic Guitar

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yarns cd

YARNS | download lyrics |
1987 Firefly Jar Music
“...simply great music. I don’t know how far he has strayed from Wisconsin thus far, but LJ Booth is one hell of a yarnspinner and singer.” SING OUT!

“One of my musical heroes.” David Wilcox

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