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A house concert is literally a concert in a living room (or a basement, or a backyard...).   They're happening more and more frequently all across the country as artists find that 30 to 60 people can fit into a living room quite comfortably.  I do a lot of these every year and they tend to be some of my favorite shows. 

It's a great format where both audience and artist alike get to experience an intimate concert in a setting that is comfortable for all.  There is no smoke, low or no amounts of alcohol to compete with, little advertising necessary and ticket prices can be whatever the artist and presenter agree upon (usually a $10-15 suggested donation per person). 

The main thing required from you is 1) having the space to host it, and 2) inviting your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc.  I love doing this kind of show and they can either be just a concert, or you may choose to provide appetizers and drinks, or even a potluck.  The options are really wide open depending upon how you'd like to host it.

If I’m touring in your part of the country, but you’ll be busy the night I’m at “your” venue.  I invite you to look at my touring….and if I have an open night, while I’m your area…..a house concert is an option (if far enough in advance).  My preference is almost always to be working, when I’m out on the road, so it will never hurt to ask if we can work out some extra shows.

For those who are interested, I can send you more info on how to successfully plan a house concert.  Check out www.concertsinyourhome.com as well to get even more of an idea what hosting a house concert can be like.  My experience has been that each house concert setting is as unique as the folks who decide to put them on.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can find a date that works!  If none of existing schedule works for you, but you are still interested in hosting me sometime, please let me know that as well.  I am always working on booking other shows in your area so we can always find other times to do a house concert.


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