LJ Booth the road that leads me home

LJ Booth is a truly consummate performer.  He combines the perfect blend of songwriting, great guitar work, and the art and charm to pull it off effortlessly. By the end of his set, the audience literally leapt to their feet to give him a standing ovation.

Monica Walsh, San Diego, CA

Hilarious, outrageous, inspirational…

Univ. of Wisconsin, Whitewater WI

LJ’s performances can be put in one word, wonderful.  He has a sense of spontaneity that gifted us with a concert that is still talked about today.

White Gull Concerts, Fish Creek, WI

…a master craftsman of incredibly profound songs.


One of my musical heroes.

David Wilcox

…simply great music.  I don’t know how far he has strayed from Wisconsin thus far, but LJ Booth is one hell of a yarnspinner and singer.


The surprise hit of our opening night...

Rod Kennedy,  Kerrville Folk Festival

this gifted singer-songwriter skillfully connects the dots between his own past, present and future with succinct, often powerful lyrics, appealing melodies, and agile fingerpicking... his keen fascination with life’s journey draws listeners closer to the memories and revelations that make it worth traveling.





A collection of intricate, luminescent gems.

David Wilcox

LJ Booth is hands down one of the finest songwriters I've had the pleasure to encounter. The Ox That Pulls the Cart is a recording of rare insight and artistry.

Carrie Newcomer

To say that L.J. Booth's new CD THE OX THAT PULLS THE CART is intensely personal is an understatement. To say that it's a new level of achievement for this singer-songwriter, is too. To add that it hangs its hat on some of the best songwriting this accomplished wordsmith has ever penned and includes some topnotch musical accompaniment, would also be correct.


Few writers I know are as musical, literate and elegant.  I love his stuff and can’t wait for each new song, each new album.  The song, 'The Ox That Pulls the Cart' is the kind of song I wish I wrote…it’s a total gem.

John McCutcheon

LJ Booth is as literate as they come.  As a lyricist, he has the light touch of Lyle Lovett, the unabashed honesty of Leonard Cohen and the sprawling, joyous life of Walt Whitman.  The plainness of his imagery and the economy of his phrasing is only made more effective by his glittering guitar parts and the simple grace of his songs.

His vocal approach also possesses the effective simplicity of Lyle Lovett with a little Gordon Lightfoot thrown in.  On the more raucous tunes like “Hold On!” and the fiddle-driven “Changing Sky”, Booth is still completely in control, driving the songs straight through to their satisfying conclusions.  But it’s on the quiet moments that Booth really shines, wheeling through joy, freedom and longing with simple grace.


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